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Twin Disc

Twin Disc

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Veth Propulsion, by Twin Disc, is a customer-oriented Dutch thruster manufacturer. A familyowned company, established in Papendrecht in the Netherlands in 1951, and international player which is leading in quality, service, innovation and sustainability.
Z /Ldrives:
Veth Propulsion develops and produces various types of Z-drives, including retractable thrusters, Hybrid Drives, Swing Outs and deck mounted units. You can find the Veth Rudder propeller everywhere, from inland marine to tug and offshore vessels. The type of Z-drive that best suits your needs, depends on factors such as the type of vessel you have and the desired maneuverability.

Shallow draft Bow thrusters
A major advantage of a horizontal propeller is that optimum thrust is achieved at minimum draft, without vulnerable parts sticking out beneath the vessel. The shallow draft thrusters provide high thrust even at cruising speed, because the propeller draws up the water over a short length


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